ROX offers a holistic security approach that encompasses a comprehensive strategy, addressing security challenges from multiple angles across various layers within an organization. We understand that security is more than a single solution—it's a synergy of interconnected practices, policies, technologies, and behaviours that fortify your security posture. With a track record of expertise and a cutting-edge security portfolio, we serve as trusted advisors, guiding your business towards a secure transformation.

Cloud & Application Security

Cloud security entails safeguarding data, applications, and resources within cloud environments against unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. It is vital as it ensures the protection of sensitive information, upholds data integrity and availability, and enables organizations to utilize cloud technology securely. Amplify multi-cloud security with ROX's comprehensive solutions, shielding internet access, app usage, and threat detection while optimizing cybersecurity across networks and hybrid setups. Embrace advanced tools like Cisco Umbrella, SecureX, and Zero Trust principles for a cohesive security approach.

Industrial IoT Security

Industrial IoT security guarantees strong safeguarding for operational technology (OT), industrial control systems (ICS), and cyber-physical systems (CPS) in demanding settings, ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructures and uninterrupted production. ROX's all-encompassing solutions provide visibility, remote access control, threat prevention, and unified threat detection across both IT and OT domains, fostering a secure and resilient industrial IoT ecosystem.

Network Security

Network security is essential for safeguarding businesses against cyber threats, securing access points, and enabling safe remote work practices. It ensures uninterrupted operations in today's digitally vulnerable landscape. The core objective of network security is to protect digital assets, prevent unauthorized access, detect and counteract threats, ensure data privacy, and maintain network integrity and availability. With ROX, comprehensive protection is extended to users, applications, and data across diverse environments, significantly enhancing overall security posture.

User and Device Security

User and device security play a pivotal role in safeguarding businesses against targeted cyber attacks. By securing endpoints, detecting and responding to threats like ransomware, phishing, and malware, these solutions ensure the integrity of user interactions. This approach prioritizes proactive threat mitigation and offers unified protection, enhancing visibility across users and devices. Additionally, streamlined access management, utilization of world-class threat intelligence, and cloud-based solutions contribute to robust defense strategies. Just as network security is crucial, user and device security reinforce your organization's overall security posture, protecting vital digital assets and maintaining operational continuity.