Industrial IoT

ROX leads the charge in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) revolution. We connect devices, machines, and processes, unlocking the potential of data-driven insights for industries.

Our IIoT solutions provide secure, scalable networking infrastructure for real-time data exchange. This forms the backbone of IIoT implementations, enhancing predictive maintenance and process optimization.

What sets ROX apart is our unwavering commitment to cybersecurity. We ensure IIoT ecosystems remain resilient, safeguarding critical assets and data.

ROX leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to process vast data streams from IIoT devices. This yields actionable insights, from predictive maintenance to asset optimization, empowering businesses in an increasingly connected world.


ROX's SD-Access transforms traditional networks into intuitive, automated, and secure systems. It simplifies network management, eliminates manual configuration errors, and enhances security through micro-segmentation.

SD-Access optimizes network performance by adapting to changing conditions and traffic patterns, providing a seamless user experience for on-site and remote employees. It supports modern business needs, aligning with digital transformation demands.

Cloud Managed Networking

ROX's cloud-managed networking simplifies network administration with an intuitive dashboard. It enables proactive issue identification, optimizes network performance, and ensures scalability and security through regular updates.


ROX's SD-WAN solutions prioritize performance, security, and scalability. They offer centralized control, visibility, and quick issue response, reducing operational complexity.

Network Analytics

ROX's Network Analytics services provide real-time visibility into network traffic, application performance, and security threats. Predictive analytics and machine learning enable proactive issue resolution and informed decision-making.

Wireless and Mobility

ROX's Wireless and Mobility solutions create secure, high-performance wireless networks. We prioritize security, scalability, and ease of management, ensuring your workforce stays connected and productive.