Data is being created at a record pace. It’s time to put it all to work. By collecting data from users, devices and applications, the new network can solve issues before they become issues. And with proactive solutions, you can increase availability and improve user experiences

Threats are constantly evolving. To keep up, you need a network that can do the same, working both as a sensor and an enforcer. With 360-degree visibility and comprehensive automation, your network can be constantly learning, Constantly adapting, Constantly  protecting. ROX provides an entirely new era of networking.

Active and Passive Networking

The network is the soul of your organization’s IT. It transfers data within the local network and routes data in and out from external networks. A reckless, safe and secure network is vital to organizational productivity. Collection of options for switching and routing, choosing the right architecture for your network is a Big Challenge.ROX with Active and Passive Networking solutions clients can achieve seamless and optimized network performance, streamlined network architecture

Switching & Networking

High Performance:

Overcome your network issues with the help of our technologically advanced business applications. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, we meet all your requirements including high performance with high reliability, simplification of LAN network layers, the ability to treat different applications with a different set of parameters, support for latest security trends.Our experts study your business needs thoroughly, transforming these needs into a simplified, resilient, service oriented and energy efficient LAN solution with minimal running costs.

No hassles for network downtime:

Builing up networks,increasing capacities and simplification of various carrier network layers needs a lot of planning along with highly experience people to design and deploy ROX carries a rich experience to build Core and Edge networks.

Ease of management with lower cost:

ROX helps you to build a multi-location, VPN based, highly available, optimized WAN network minimizing capital investments as well as running WAN bandwidth and management costs.

Mobility & WIPS

Mobility is about putting business in motion, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. ROX’s services solutions are designed to help clients set their mobile strategy, re-imagine their interactions with customers, seamlessly integrate mobile into their traditional workplace and manage this mobile environment in an optimized and secure way.

Today wireless is the primary way to access the digital world so it’s essential to get the right Network to help your business grow.As a leading Wireless solution provider we provide edge core network design to ensurescalability high performance and security of application

Application Delivery Controller

Our load balancing solution provides full application SLA assurance through reserving resources per application, allowing adding new services without performance penalty, real-user monitoring, best-in-class application acceleration features and innovative security offering. Our solution will provide a critical load balancing capabilities combined with the highest levels of security and performance with our custom configured load balancers for WAN Links, Servers, etc.


ROX   integrated collaboration systems enable clients to connect quickly and easily through touch points that optimize the way they collaborate with colleagues and clients alike. The collaboration service  enable consistent cross-channel, personalized and engaging experiences, helping organizations speed time to market, increase conversions and loyalty, and improve insights and return on investment.