Network & Audit

Network auditing is the collective measures done to analyze, study and gather data about a network with the purpose of ascertaining its condition in accordance with the network/organization requirements. Network auditing primarily provides insight into how effective network control and practices are.

Our expert engineers can perform network audit services to help you to understand and optimise your current infrastructure to ensure you are getting maximum performance out of your system.

Power & Cooling Consultation

ROX will carry out an audit on your existing equipment and make a recommendation of alterations to increase efficiency and capacity while keeping focus on future growth. Our team understands every customer has different requirements and restrictions on the design of their system.

We ensure the reliability and extend service life by inspecting the operating condition of your data center’s critical power and cooling systems. We offer different levels of assessments and configure a package to suit your needs.

Migration Services

Applications are the heart of business operations – and reliable, high-quality data is a critical business asset. As your business grows, data center requirements grow alongside it. Evolving and maturing technologies can help to address this need and enable more agile data center capabilities. Our migration services include, cloud-cloud movement, validation and performance testing.

Risk & Compliance Audit

Risk Management and Compliance Services from ROX helps you evaluate your existing security governance identity and IT regulatory compliance needs and gaps—against your business requirements and objectives. Our skilled security specialists provide recommendations to help you make more informed decisions about allocating your resources to better manage security risks and compliance. We can deliver a wide range of capabilities, from security program development, to regulatory and standards compliance, to security education and training.

Managed Print services

A lot of additional complexities have come up in the print environment. We offer you a strategy that enables you to track every single print job that is taking place within the organization. We ensure smooth IT integration and network management. We assist you with our proven track record of deploying the Managed Print Services.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

Managed Security Services (MSS) is a secure facility dedicated to maintaining situational awareness by continually monitoring and analyzing a number of security parameters related to the client’s systems and external threat intelligence to detect and respond to cyber threats. Our service also includes monitoring and response areas where our security analysts continually monitor the threat levels and take precautions for suspected attacks.